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RWI - Leibniz Institute for Economic Research is an independent, non-profit research institution in Essen, Germany. RWI provides evidence-based policy advice to political entities and the wider public. RWI’s Climate Change in Developing Countries group conducts cutting-edge research in development economics and specifically on how the poor deal with a changing climate. A particular focus is on access to modern energy, deforestation, and the political economy of climate policy in Africa, as well as associated implications for poverty alleviation. In a wide range of research projects and impact evaluations, the group cooperates closely with African governments and international organizations such as World Bank, WHO, GIZ, and 3ie in order to increase the effectiveness of pro-poor climate policies. Applications are invited for two 

PhD positions

in the Climate Change in Developing Countries research group in Essen

The full positions combine the virtues of applied project-based research and a structured PhD program. The candidates will assume leading roles in primary research projects in Africa, which we conduct in cooperation with high-ranked academic partners. This entails repeated stays and travels to the field to support the implementation of surveys and randomized interventions. We strongly promote presentation of research results at international conferences and publication in leading academic journals. In cooperation with the University of Passau, the structured PhD program offers access to courses at the Bavarian Graduate Program in Economics and the Ruhr Graduate School in Economics. We foresee facilitating research stays (including selected courses) at our European and US-based partner universities. Candidates will earn an income commensurate with that of a civil servant. 

The candidates are expected to have a Master’s degree in Economics (or related field) and a strong interest in development economics as well as environmental policies in developing countries. International work experience is an asset. Furthermore, we expect a deep understanding of empirical methods. A good command of English and strong writing skills are indispensable. Knowledge of German and French is an advantage, but not mandatory.

The positions start in May 2018 or later. Details can be arranged in consultation with the candidate. We offer a working contract initially limited to two years with an option to extend. Compensation and benefits are based on the German public service pay scale (100%, TV-L EG 13). The observance of the guidelines for the disabled and the provisions of the law on part-time work are guaranteed. We promote the equality of women and men. Please send any inquiries to . To apply, send your CV, a short cover letter, and certificates quoting the reference number 70514-07/18 before the 31stof March 2018 to

RWI – Leibniz Institute for Economic Research
Frau Sabine Reinhard

Please note that if you choose to apply via email your message will not be encrypted and may be read by unauthorized persons and/or manipulated. You are welcome to send your application by postal mail.

For further information on the research group and RWI see

Essen, March 2nd, 2018


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In case you plan to transmit your application by e-mail, please note that your data in this case is not encrypted. Content might be read or changed by unauthorized persons under certain circumstances. Therefore, please feel free to send your application documents by regular mail.


„audit berufundfamilie“

Das RWI ist seit 2010 mit dem „audit berufundfamilie“ zertifiziert. Als Zertifikatsträger bekennt sich das Institut dazu, seine bereits bestehenden familienfreundlichen Maßnahmen künftig noch transparenter und sichtbarer zu machen und die Vereinbarkeit von Familie und Beruf aktiv zu unterstützen.


Quelle: berufundfamilie gGmbH

Das RWI hat nach seiner Zertifizierung im Jahr 2010 die Re-Zertifizierung des „audit berufundfamilie“ erhalten. Das Bild zeigt Sabine Reinhard, Leiterin der RWI-Serviceabteilung „Personal und Recht“ (vorne, 2. v.l.) bei der Übergabe des Zertifikats in Berlin am 20. Juni 2017.

Essener Bündnis für Familie

Das RWI ist Mitglied im Essener Bündnis für Familie.