Labor Markets, Education, Population

Project: Evaluation of existing statutory minimum wage regulations – Industry: Main construction trade

Project Duration

12/2010 - 08/2011 (finalized)

Commissioned by

Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Project Team (RWI)

Prof. Dr. Ronald Bachmann, Dr. Hanna Frings, Ronald Janßen-Timmen, Dr. Alfredo Paloyo, Dr. Sandra Schaffner (Chief), Dr. Marcus Tamm


IAB Nürnberg, ISG Köln

Leader of Consortium

IAB Nürnberg


The aim of this project is to analyze the impact of the minimum wage in the German main construction industry. In doing so, we examine the effects on wage and compliance, employment, working conditions and competitiveness. The analysis takes into account both the introduction of minimum wage legislation and subsequent increases of the minimum wage. Because of different minimum wage levels, we examine East and West Germany separately. We find that the minimum wage does not have a measurable effect on the employment level, neither in East nor in West Germany.


Selected project related publications

Articles in Peer-reviewed Journals


Apel, H., R. Bachmann, S. Bender, M. Fertig, H. Frings, M. König, J. Möller, A. Paloyo, S. Schaffner, M. Tamm, S. Wolter, M. Umkehrer and P. vom Berge (2012), Arbeitsmarktwirkungen der Mindestlohneinführung im Bauhauptgewerbe. Zeitschrift für Arbeitsmarktforschung 45 (3): 257-277.

Discussion Papers


vom Berge, P., H. Frings and A. Paloyo (2013), High-Impact Minimum Wages and Heterogeneous Regions. Ruhr Economic Papers #408. RWI, RUB. DOI: 10.4419/86788463 download


Bachmann, R., M. König and S. Schaffner (2012), Lost in Transition? – Minimum Wage Effects on German Construction Workers. Ruhr Economic Papers #358. RWI. DOI: 10.4419/86788412 download

RWI Reports


IAB, RWI and ISG (2011), Evaluation bestehender gesetzlicher Mindestlohnregelungen – Branche: Bauhauptgewerbe. Projektbericht download

Monographs (Author)


Apel, H., R. Bachmann, P. vom Berge, M. König, H. Kröger, A. Paloyo, S. Schaffner, M. Umkehrer and S. Wolter (2012), Mindestlohn im Bauhauptgewerbe: Folgen für die Beschäftigung blieben aus. IAB-Kurzbericht 2012-4. Nürnberg: IAB. download