Labor Markets, Education, Population

Project: Quality of Work in Temporary Agency Jobs

Project Duration

05/2012 - 12/2014 (finalized)

Commissioned by

Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales

Project Team (RWI)

Prof. Dr. Ronald Bachmann, Dr. Daniel Baumgarten, Dr. Matthias Giesecke, Dr. Michael Kvasnicka (Chief), Dr. Uwe Neumann (Chief), Dr. Sandra Schaffner




The objective of this project is a status-quo measurement and documentation of the quality of work in temporary agency jobs in Germany. To this end, two representative surveys are carried out. The first is a survey of temporary agency workers on their perceived quality of work. The second is a survey of temporary work agencies and their personnel service strategies. Based on the results of both surveys, existing (and to be implemented) measures of a sustainable human resource management in the temporary agency work sector are identified that secure and promote job satisfaction, ability to work, and employability. The results of this project shall be used for systematic improvements of the quality of work in temporary agency work.

Selected project related publications

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RWI and ISG (2017), Arbeitsqualität in Zeitarbeitsverhältnissen - Abschlussbericht. RWI Projektberichte download