Labor Markets, Education, Population

Project: Expertise on comparing datasets for analyzing labour market transitions

Project Duration

04/2017 - 01/2018 (finalized)

Commissioned by

Geschäfts- und Informationsstelle für den Mindestlohn/BAuA

Project Team (RWI)

Prof. Dr. Ronald Bachmann (Chief), Merve Cim, Rahel Felder, Dr. Hanna Frings, Dr. Sandra Schaffner, Dr. Marcus Tamm


Institut für Angewandte Wirtschaftsforschung (IAW)


The expertise aims at exploring which data sets are suitable to analyse transitions between different labour market states within evaluation studies of the labour market consequences of the introduction of the statutory minimum wage in Germany. We consider the following data sets: The Integrated Labour Market Biographies (IEB), the Socio?economic Panel (SOEP), the Panel Study “Labour Market and Social Security” (PASS), the Microcensus, and the National Educational Panel Study (NEPS). In doing so, we investigate, among other things, to which extent different labour market states can be identified, whether the number of observations make the analysis of transitions possible, and which modifications to the data are imaginable to overcome potential restrictions with respect to the analysis of labour market transitions.

Selected project related publications

Discussion Papers


Bachmann, R., R. Felder, S. Schaffner and M. Tamm (2018), Some (Maybe) Unpleasant Arithmetic in Minimum Wage Evaluations – the Role of Power, Significance and Sample Size. Ruhr Economic Papers #772. RWI, RUB. DOI: 10.4419/86788900 download

RWI Reports


RWI and IAW Tübingen (2018), Vergleich von Datenquellen für eine Analyse von Übergängen am Arbeitsmarkt. RWI Projektberichte download