Health Economics

Project: Die Zukunft der Pflege im Krankenhaus

Project Duration

06/2015 - 12/2015 (finalized)

Commissioned by

Techniker Krankenkasse

Project Team (RWI)

Prof. Dr. Boris Augurzky (Chief), Prof. Dr. Christian Bünnings, Prof. Dr. Ansgar Wübker (Chief)


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Greiner (Universität Bielefeld), Institute for Health Care Business GmbH (hcb), Prof. Dr. Hendrik Schmitz (Universität Paderborn)


Hospitals constitute an important pillar in the provision of health care. Since an increasing share of patients requires intensive nursing care, the medical staff and especially the nursing personnel of hospitals is of particular importance for the recovery process of patients. The shortage of skilled workers as well as demographic trends among both patients and nursing staff may further increase the already existing workload of the nursing personnel. This, in turn, may negatively spillover on the quality of health care and may extend the recovery process of patients in hospitals. Against this background, the legislator has resolved a key issue paper aiming at improving permanently the care situation in hospitals by increasing the nursing staff. The aim of this project is to evaluate whether a relationship exists between the number and/or the qualification of nursing staff and the quality of nursing care. The results of this study provide important insights for future measures which aim at creating a sustainable care concept for hospitals.

Selected project related publications

Monographs (Author)


Augurzky, B., C. Bünnings, S. Dördelmann, W. Greiner, L. Hein, S. Scholz and A. Wübker (2016), Die Zukunft der Pflege im Krankenhaus. RWI Materialien 104. Essen: RWI. download