Special Research Topic
Regional Analyses

Project: ExWoSt Quartiers-Impulse - Neue Wege zur Stärkung der lokalen Wirtschaft (Begleitforschung)

Project Duration

06/2006 - 02/2010 (finalized)

Commissioned by

Bundesamt für Bauwesen und Raumordnung (BBR)

Project Team (RWI)

Marianne Halstrick-Schwenk, Dr. Uwe Neumann (Chief), Dr. Markus Scheuer


Stattwerke Consult GmbH, Berlin


The objective of the Experimental Housing and Urban Development (ExWoSt) research field “Neighbourhood Impulses – New Ways to Strengthen the Local Economy” was to design neighbourhood-specific approaches to economic stimulation that could serve as suitable elements of a modern urban development policy. Its central impetus was the “Leipzig Charter for a Sustainable European City" of 2007, which recommends taking measures to boost the local economy. The Leipzig Charter is based, among other things, on practical experience acquired from the exchange of experiences in the European Commission's URBACT Program. What was special about the field of research “Neighbourhood Impulses” was that an external coaching team, STATTwerke Consult GmbH, advised and supported the participants in selected model projects with the implementation of promotional measures and accomplishment of the promotional objectives. RWI Essen conducted the accompanying scientific analyses. The starting point for the two-year project study (2006-2008) consisted of the following key questions: 1. What should our expectations be of new approaches for local economic development and what specific measures should be taken? 2. What are the basic conditions under which the private sector makes a commitment to neighbourhood development? 3. What organisational precautions should be taken and how can regional, urban and local economic development be interconnected? Bayreuth, Braunschweig, Hannover, Karlsruhe and Saarbrucken were taken as model cities. In the model projects, selected promotional measures were performed according to two interrelated strategic focuses, the relevance of which for measures of local economic development was studied and tested. The main focus (i) developing/strengthening local networks and small-sized business “clusters” was supplemented by focus (ii) promotion of private-sector commitments (or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)).


Selected project related publications

Articles in Other Journals


Borne, M., H. Geißler, M. Gutzmer, P. Jakubowski, U. Neumann and M. Scheuer (2008), Quartiers-Impulse. Neue Wege zur Stärkung der lokalen Wirtschaft. Ein ExWoSt-Forschungsfeld. ExWoSt-Informationen 31 (4)


Neumann, U. and P. Jakubowski (2006), Quartiers-Impulse: Neue Wege zur Stärkung der lokalen Wirtschaft. Ein neues Forschungsfeld im Experimentellen Wohnungs- und Städtebau (ExWoSt) des Bundes. Werkstatt:Praxis (45): 61-71.

Other Publications


BBSR im BBR (2009), Quartiers-Impulse – Neue Wege zur Stärkung der lokalen Wirtschaft. Bonn. download

RWI Reports


RWI and STATTwerke Consult GmbH (2009), ExWoSt-Forschungsfeld Quartiers-Impulse – Neue Wege zur Stärkung der lokalen Wirtschaft – Kurzfassung. RWI Projektberichte download

BBSR im BBR (2009), Quartiers-Impulse – Neue Wege zur Stärkung der lokalen Wirtschaft. ExWoSt-Informationen download

Monographs (Author)


Neumann, U., M. Borne, H. Geißler, M. Gutzmer, M. Halstrick-Schwenck, P. Jakubowski, M. Scheuer and C. M. Schmidt (2010), Aufwertung der lokalen Standortbedingungen – Quartiers-Impulse: Ein Forschungsfeld des Experimentellen Wohnungs- und Städtebaus (ExWoSt). RWI Materialien 63. Essen: RWI and GTZ. download