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Presentations Philipp Jäger

Reviewed Presentations 2018

Verein für Socialpolitik, Freiburg, 09.2018

European Economic Association/Econometric Society 2018, Köln, 08.2018

74nd Annual Congress of the International Institute of Public Finance, Tampere, 08.2018

Other Presentations 2018

The Introduction of Social Pensions and Elderly Mortality: Evidence 1870-1939, Bochum, 05.2018

Reviewed Presentations 2017

Verein für Socialpolitik 2017, Wien, 08.2017

European Economic Association/Econometric Society 2017, Lissabon, 08.2017

European Society of Population Economists 2017, Glasgow, 06.2017

Population Association of America, Chicago, 04.2017

RGS Doctoral Conference in Economics 2017, Dortmund, 03.2017

Other Presentations 2017

Bismarck in the Bedroom? Pension Reform and Fertility: Evidence 1870-2010, Mannheim, 10.2017

Demographic change and the global savings-investment balance, Berlin, 02.2017

Reviewed Presentations 2016

European Economic Association/Econometric Society 2016, Genf, 08.2016

72nd Annual Congress of the International Institute of Public Finance, Lake Tahoe, 08.2016

20th International Conference on Macroeconomic Analysis and International Finance, Rethymno, 05.2016

Other Presentations 2016

Demografische Determinanten der globalen Savings-Investment Balance: Implikationen für den Realzins, Berlin, 12.2016

Reviewed Presentations 2015

Annual Meeting of the Public Choice Society, San Antonio, Texas, USA, 03.2015

RGS Doctoral Conference in Economics 2015, Essen, 02.2015