RWI Seminar Hike


At the “therapy seminar hike“, RWI junior economists (PhDs and Post-docs) meet to present their current research to each other and to discuss it. The participants mainly present research projects which are at a (very) early stage, including research ideas. In addition to the plenary talks and discussions, each presenter is allocated a discussant (“therapist”). The role of this experienced researcher is to talk with the junior researcher after the presentation about the contents of the presentation and the comments of the audience.

Besides the scientific exchange, the seminar hike is an opportunity to get to know each other better, which is facilitated by the traditional hiking tour. The seminar hike is a two-day event which has been taking place biannually at different locations in North Rhine-Westphalia since July 2007.

In addition to the seminar hike, there are also occasional in-house “therapy seminars”, where RWI researchers also have the opportunity to present their current research and to get feedback.

Recent Dates

  • 2016: Duisburg Landschaftspark (Winter)

  • 2015: Jugendherberge Wuppertal, Wuppertal (Winter)/ Jugendburg Gemen, Borken-Gemen (Sommer)

  • 2014: Radevormwald (Winter)/ Jugendherberge Xanten (Sommer)

  • 2013: Burg Bilstein, Sauerland (Winter)/Jugendherberge, Haltern am See (Sommer)

  • 2012: Schultenhof, Balve (Winter)/Jugendherberge, Glörsee (Sommer)

  • 2011: Schloss Gimborn, Marienheide (Winter)/Jugendburg Gemen, Borken-Gemen (Sommer)

  • 2010: Jugendbildungsstätte Berchum, Hagen (Winter)/Haus Villigst, Schwerte (Sommer)

  • 2009: Haus Altenberg, Altenberg (Winter)/Jugendburg Gemen, Borken-Gemen (Sommer)

  • 2008: Jugendbildungsstätte St. Altfrid, Essen-Kettwig (Winter)/Jugendburg Gemen, Borken-Gemen (Sommer)

  • 2007: Jugendbildungsstätte St. Altfrid, Essen-Kettwig (Sommer)


Dr. Lina Zwick

Advisor to the Executive Board
Phone: +49 (201) 8149-266


“The Therapy Seminar allows me to keep abreast with the latest research projects of my colleagues, which facilitates internal collaboration.”
Alfredo Paloyo

“I appreciate the RWI Therapy Seminar Workshops as they bring together highly motivated young economists, who cover a large variety of interesting research topics, in a friendly and inspiring atmosphere. The lively discussions do not only promote the process of writing and publishing high-quality economic research but foster professional as well as social networking within the RWI.”
Philipp an den Meulen

“The RWI therapy seminar is a unique opportunity to present one’s research in a very supporting ambiance and to profit from the shared knowledge and experience of RWI colleagues.”
Nils aus dem Moore


Borken-Gemen (2015)

Wuppertal (2015)

Radevormwald (2014)


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