RWI Research Seminar

Aims and Scope

» External guests (national as well as international) present their scientific papers in the RWI Research Seminar series. Usually, the seminars take place on Mondays, 11:00-12:00 (including discussion).


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Dauth (Universität Würzburg) (29 March 2021)


Prof. Dr. Dominik Sachs (LMU München) (16 November 2020)

Dr. Apostolos Davillas (University of East Anglia): "Experimental evidence on the implications of self-reported body weight and height for measurement error in BMI" (19 October 2020, virtual)

Prof. Dr. Marco Francesconi (University of Essex) (28 September 2020)

Dr. Anja Bauer (IAB): "History Dependence in Wages and Cyclical Selection: Evidence from Germany" (21 September 2020)

Dr. María Sánchez Vidal (KSNET): “Retail shocks and city structure” (17 July 2020)

Prof. Dr. Bernd Frick (Universität Paderborn): "Timing Matters: Worker Absenteeism in a Weekly Backward Rotating Shift System" (13 July 2020)

Dr. Wiljan van den Berge (CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis) (20 April 2020)

Prof. Dr. Stefan Bauernschuster (Universität Passau): “Speed Limit Enforcement and Road Safety: Evidence from German Blitzmarathons” (10 February 2020)

Prof. Dr.  Melanie Luhrmann (Royal Holloway, University of London): “Effect of University Tuition Fees on Teenagers’ Education” (31 January 2020)

Prof. Dr. Daniel Kühnle (Universität Duisburg-Essen): “A Journey To Social Inclusion? Evidence on the impact of an intensive housing-led support program for the chronically homeless" (27 January 2020)

Prof. Dr. Annaig Morin (Copenhagen Business School) (20 January 2020): “Workplace Heterogeneity and Wage Inequality in Denmark”

Dr. Imke Rhoden (Ruhr Universität Bochum): “Innovative Activity over Space and Time” (16 January 2020)

Krystal Lau (13 January 2020)


Dr. Andreas Mense (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg): „Do Mortgage Credit Reforms Explain the Housing Affordability Crises in Supply-Constrained Cities?“ (18 December 2019)

Dr. Andrea Craig (University of Windsor): „Commute Mode and Residential Location Choice" (13 December 2019)

Dr. Malte Sandner (IAB): „Preventing Child Maltreatment: Beneficial Side-Effects of Public Childcare Provision“ (9 December 2019)

Dr. Tobias Stöhr (Kiel Institut für Weltwirtschaft (IfW)): What asylum policies to Europeans want? And why? (6 December 2019)

Dr. Ralf Martin (LSE): “Making Smart Meters Smarter the Smart Way“ (4 December 2019)

Dr. Arne Uhlendorff (CREST): “Mandatory Integration Agreements for Unemployed Job Seekers. Evidence from a Field Experiment in Germany“ (25 November 2019)

Prof. Dr. Colin Green (NTNU, Trondheim): “Internet Use and Cognitive Decline Among Retirees” (20 November 2019)

Jonathan Briody (University College Dublin): “Parental Unemployment During the Great Recession and Childhood Adiposity“ (18 November 2019)

Dr. Nikki Shure (University College London): “The labour market returns for ‘first in family’ graduates” (18 November 2019)

Prof. Dr. Luigi Minale (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid): “Risk Attitudes and Household Migration Decisions” (11 November 2019)

Prof. Dr. Ewa Zawojska (University of Warsaw): “Consequentiality in Stated Preference” (5 November 2019)

Dr. Gregor Pfeifer (University College London, Universität Hohenheim): “The Morning After: Prescription-Free Access to Emergency Contraceptive Pills” (31 October 2019)

Jody Sindelar (Yale University): “Health Behaviors: Big Data, New Tech and Big New Opportunities for Research“ (28 October 2019)

Dr. Yannick Timmer (International Monetary Fund): "Closer Together or Further Apart? Subnational Regional Disparities and Adjustment in Advanced Economies" (28 October 2019)

Prof. Dr. Han Ye (Universität Mannheim): “The Effect of Pension Subsidies on the Retirement Timing of Older Women: Evidence from a Kink Design in Germany” (21 October 2019)

Dr. Guido Neidhöfer (ZEW): “The effect of early childhood care services on the social integration of refugee families” (7 October 2019)

Dr. Laura Renner (Universität Freiburg): “The decision to flee: Analyzing gender-specific determinants of international refugee migration“ (30 September 2019)

Dr. Jan Feld (Victoria University Wellington): “Peers from Venus and Mars: High-Achieving Men Affect Major Choices and Labor Market Outcomes“ (11 September 2019)

Dr. Oliver Rehbein (Universität Bonn): Does publication lead to publication? The effect of author reputation on publication success (09 September 2019)

Prof. Dr. Steve Puller (Texas A&M University): The Effect of Household Wealth on College Attendance: Evidence from the Fracking Boom (08 August 2019)

Prof. Dr. Andreas Lichter (Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf): R&D Investments, Innovation and Corporate Taxation (05 August 2019)

Prof. Dr. Harald Tauchmann (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg): Fixed Effects Estimation of the Linear Discrete-Time Hazard Model: an Adjusted First-Differences Estimator (25. July 2019)

Prof. Dr. Stephan Bruns (Hasselt University): Estimating the Economy-Wide Rebound Effect Using Empirically Identified Structural Vector Autoregressions (24 July 2019)

Prof. Dr. Martin Wagner (Technische Universität Dortmund): Being Chief Economist (16 July 2019)

Sabrina Lenzen (University of Queensland): A dynamic microeconomic analysis of the impact of physical activity on cognition among older people (09 July 2019)

Prof. Dr. Christopher Flinn (New York University): Actors in the Child Development Process (22 May 2019)

Prof. Dr. Michael Ransom (Brigham Young University): Meritocracy in Academic Pay:  A comparison of three fields (17 May 2019)

Prof. Dr. Giovanni Pellegrino  (Aarhus University): Uncertainty, Real Activity, and Risk Aversion in Booms and Busts (13 May 2019)

Dr. Christian Westermeier (Institut für Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung (IAB)): Employment Effects of Raising the Early Retirement Age for the Unemployed (07 May 2019)

Dr. Maksym Obrizan (Universität Duisburg-Essen): Is there a transition gap in self-rated health of adolescents? (24 April 2019)

Dr. Davud Rostam-Afschar (Universität Hohenheim): Flexible Work Arrangements and Precautionary Behavior: Theory and Experimental Evidence (01 March 2019)

Prof. Dr. Jens Wrona (DICE): Exporting and Offshoring with Monopsonistic Competition (04 February 2019)

Prof. Dr. Joost de Laat (Universiteit Utrecht): Can Preschool Help Minorities Make up Differences in Human Capital? (28 January 2019)

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Till Braun (Universität Bayreuth): The Local Environment Shapes Refugee Integration: Evidence from Post-war Germany (18 January 2019)


Winfried Koeniger (University of St. Gallen): Towards understanding differences in European Household Finances (08 January 2018)

Battista Severgnini (Copenhagen Business School): Gains from Early Support of a New Political Party (25 January 2018)

Maren Duvendack (University of East Anglia): Econometric(k)s, Replication and Economic Science – The Case of Microfinance (02 February 2018)

Marianne Saam (Ruhr-Universität Bochum): Digitalization and growth at the level of sectors and final products (05 February 2018)

Jens Südekum (DICE): Assortative matching and spatial wage disparities (06 February 2018)

Wolf Heinrich Reuter (SVR): Spotlight on the beneficiaries of EU regional funds: Insights into the distribution by region, theme and industry based on a new firm-level dataset (13 February 2018)

Petar Mihaylovski (Universität Hamburg): Out of Sync Subnational Housing Markets and Macroprudential Policies (26 February 2018 )

Prof. Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch (DICE): Self-Employment, Family Production and the Returns To Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills in Rural Bangladesh (05 March 2018)

Andrea Weber (Vienna University of Economics and Business): Job Displacement, Family Dynamics and Spousal Labor Supply (23 March 2018)

Nils Gutacker (University of York): Paying hospitals to adopt cheaper care pathways: evidence from an English P4P scheme (26 March 2018)

Carla Haelermans (Maastricht University): Effective parental involvement in education through ICT (09 April 2018)

Bettina Siflinger (Tilburg University): The Effects of Public Day Care on Health during Childhood - Evidence by Age (16 April 2018)

Maksym Obrizan (Kyiv School of Economics): IDP smoking patterns in Georgia (25 April 2018)

Esther Arenas-Arroyo (University of Oxford): Split Families and the Future of Children: Immigration Enforcement and Foster Care Placements (27 April 2018)

Annika Herr (DICE): Reference pricing and copayments in the German market for anti-epileptics (30 April 2018)

Ingo Isphording (IZA): Minority Salience and Political Extremism (7 May 2018)

Markus Nagler (LMU München): Mobility, Spillovers, and the Production of Ideas (15 May 2018)

Todd Sorensen (University of Nevada, Reno): How Many People are Buying this? A Meta Analysis of Monopsony Power (28 May 2018)

Robert Polak (Washington University in St. Louis): Fathers' Multiple Partner Fertility and Children's Educational Outcomes (1 June 2018)

Joël Machado (Luxembourg Institute Of Socio-Economic Research): Intending migrants in pursuit of favorable integration policies (4 June 2018)

Arndt Reichert (Weltbank): Paying Attention to Technology Innovations - Experimental Evidence from Renewable Energy Markets in Africa (11 June 2018)

Jeffrey Cohen (University of Connecticut): The Bargaining and Contagion Effects of Investors in Single Family Residential Properties (14 June 2018)

Jesús Fernández-Huertas Moraga (Universität Carlos III): Immigrant Locations and Native Residential Preferences: Emerging Ghettos or New Communities? (22 June 2018)

Melanie Khamis (Wesleyan University): Gender Imbalances and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from Large-Scale Mexican Migration (25 June 2018)

Nathan Fiala (RWI & University of Connecticut): The long term impacts of grants on poverty: 9-year evidence from Uganda’s Youth Opportunities Program (4 July 2018)

Sercan Eraslan (Deutsche Bundesbank): Forecasting industrial production with multicointegrated models (9 July 2018)

Nicolas Ziebarth (Cornell University): Public Health and Labor Market Effects of Sick Pay Mandates (11. July 2018)

Sanne Kruse-Becher (Ruhr-Universität Bochum): International Trade and Inventory Investment (16 July 2018)

Vincent Pohl (University of Georgia): Labor Market Effects of Medical Innovation: The Case of Breast and Prostate Cancer (20. July 2018)

Daniel Baumgarten (RWI & LMU München): Trade exposure and the decline in collective bargaining: Evidence from Germany (26 July 2018)

Jens Günther (RUB): Cartelization and Disclosure – The Case of the Rhenish Westphalian Coal Syndicate (5 November 2018)

Melanie Khamis (Wesleyan University): Career considerations (job market, research strategy, networking…) (10 December 2018)

Dr. Claudia Schwirplies (Universität Hamburg): Private contributions and the regional scope of charities: How donation experiments can inform public policy (14 December 2018)

Dr. Christian Westermeier (IAB): Employment Effects of Raising the Early Retirement Age for Unemployed (19 December 2018)


Alexander Koch (Aarhus University): Internal and External Commitment: An Experiment on Goal Brackets and Minimum Work Requirements (27  January 2017)

Bernhard Bookmann (IAB): Mentoring disadvantaged youths during school-to-work transition: evidence from Germany (20 February 2017)

Pieter Bakx (Erasmus University Rotterdam): Health effects of a nursing home admission (06 March 2017)

Keisuke Otsu (University of Kent): The Post-crisis Slump In Europe: A Business Cycle Accounting Analysis (08 March 2017)

Katja Görlitz (Freie Universität Berlin): Parenthood, risk attitudes and behavioral changes (27 March 2017)

Andreas Peichl (ZEW): Do Savings Increase in Response to Salient Information About Retirementand Expected Pensions? (03 April 2017)

Carlos Carrillo-Tudela (University of Essex): Unemployment and Endogenous Reallocation over the Business Cycle (12 April 2017)

Katharina Fischer (Universität Duisburg-Essen): Information on pharmaceutical product quality and physician adoption (10 May 2017)

Benny Moldovanu (University of Bonn): Conscience or Strategy: Voting in the Bundestag and in the Weimar Republic (29 June 2017)

Josef Montag (Kazakh-British Technical University): Homeownership, Mobility, and Unemployment: Evidence from Housing Privatization (18 July 2017)

Daniel Schnitzlein (Leibniz Universität Hannover): The protective (?) effect of education on mental health (24 July 2017)

Lea Marchal (IfW): How Foreign Workers Foster Exports (7 August 2017)

Martin Kesternich (ZEW): The Power of Active Choice: Field Experimental Evidence on Repeated Contribution Decisions to a Carbon Offsetting Program (14 August 2017)

Claudia Schwirplies (Universität Hamburg): Bundling public and private characteristics in the marketplace (28 August 2017)

Alexander Chernoff (Bank of Canada) Neighborhood Sorting and Public Transit Investment (29 August 2017)

Mario Mechtel (Leuphana Universität Lüneburg): Forced to Be Generous – Experimental Evidence on the Behavioral Effects of Minimum Wages outside the Laboratory (11 September 2017)

Benjamin Elsner (IZA): The Long-term Impact of Radiation on Cognitive Skills (18 September 2017)

John P. Haisken-DeNew (Melbourne Institute) (25 September 2017)

Sigismund Kobe (TU Dresden): Die Energiewende in Deutschland im Konflikt zwischen Anspruch und Wirklichkeit (10 October 2017)f. Erwin Bulte (Utrecht University) (19. Oktober 2017)

Erwin Bulte (Utrecht University): Women Empowerment and Domestic Abuse: Theory and Experimental Evidence from Vietnam (19. Oktober 2017)

Pierre Koning (Leiden University): The Effect of Graded Work (20 November 2017)

Niklas Wallmeier (Universität Hamburg): The Hidden Costs of Whistle-Blower Protection (27 November 2017)

Silke Anger (IAB): Life-Time Effects of the German Food Crisis: Earnings, Employment, and Retirement (28 November 2017)

Albrecht Glitz (Universitat Pompeu Fabra): Occupational Recognition and Immigrant Labor Market Outcomes (11 December 2017)

Anett John (CREST): When Commitment Fails - Evidence from a Regular Saver Product in the Philippines (19 December 2017)


Steffen Müller (Leibniz-Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung Halle (IWH)): Job Displacement from Young and Small Firms (18 January 2016)

Yonas Alem (University of Gothenburg, Schweden): Liquidity Constraint, LPG Stoves and Charcoal Consumption: Evidence from a Randomised Controlled Trial in Tanzania (12 February 2016)

Robert Czudaj (Universität Duisburg-Essen): Capital Flows and GDP in Emerging Economies and Global Spillovers (4 March 2016)

Joel Stiebale (Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics (DICE)): Multinational Firms, Technology and Relocation (7 March 2016)

Andreas Steinmayr (LMU München): Exposure to Refugees and Voting for the Far-Right. (Unexpected) Results from Austria (21 March 2016)

Florian Lehmer (IAB Nürnberg, Germany): Revisiting the Increasing Wage Inequality in Germany: The Role of Tasks (2 May 2016)

Julio Robledo (Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany): The Role of Firm Size in Choice and Enforcement of Patent Protection (9 May 2016)

Michael Roos (Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany): Global Production, Climate, and Societal Values (19 May 2016)

Julio Robledo (Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany): The Role of Firm Size in Choice and Enforcement of Patent Protection (9 May 2016)

Jeanette Brosig-Koch (University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany): The Effects of Competition on Medical Service Provision - A Laboratory Test (23 May 2016)

Frank Goetzke (University of Louisville): Housing Prices, Gasoline Cost, and the Real Estate Crash of 2007–09 (30 May 2016)

Stefanie Schurer (University of Sydney): Education and non-cognitive skill development (31 May 2016)

Daniel Kühnle (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany): Early Child Care and Children’s Skill Development (1 June 2016)

Jan Bietenbeck (Lund University, Sweden): The Long-Term Impacts of Low-Achieving Childhood Peers: Evidence from Project STAR (28 June 2016)

Sebastian T. Braun (IfW Kiel, Germany): Testing Recent Theories with Evidence from Germany (4 July 2016)

Nicolas Salamanca (Melbourne Institute, Australia): Parenting Style as an Invetment in Human Development (11 July 2016)

Stefan Lamp (Yale University, USA): Sunspots that matter: behavioral biases in solar investment (14 July 2016)

Vincent Chandler (Saint Mary's University): What can we learn from doctoral scholarships (18 July 2016)

Steven Stillman (University of Bozen, Italy): Testing Theories of Gender Discrimination using Linked Employer-Employee Data (22 September 2016)

Christian Merkl (Universität Nürnberg-Erlangen, Germany): Business Cycle Asymmetries and the Labor Market (5 October 2016)

Thomas Grebel (Technische Universität Ilmenau): Measuring Technical Change in Renewable Energy Using DEA (10 October 2016)

Hermann Gartner (IAB Nürnberg): Wage posting as a positive selection device (14 November 2016)

Simon Janssen (IAB Nürnberg): The shelf-life of medium skilled workers in times of fundamental technological change (25 November 2016)

Thomas Cornelissen (University of York, United Kingdom): Peer Effects in the Workplace (6 December 2016)

Peter Zweifel (University of Zurich, Switzerland): A novel way to compare healthcare systems and to assess their potential competitiveness (12 December 2016)


Volker Böhm (Universität Bielefeld): Macroeconomic Modelling of Labour Markets (7. Januar 2015)

Stepan Jurajda (Charles University Prague): Gender Composition of Tertiary Education and Early Fertility (19. Januar 2015)

Robert Nuscheler (Universität Augsburg): Maternal Preferences and Child Prevention (30. Januar 2015)

Wilhelm Kuttler (Universität Duisburg Essen): Stadtklimaforschung und globaler Klimawandel
(2. Februar 2015)

Heinz Holling (Universität Münster): Meta-Analysis - an Efficient Statistical Method for Research Synthesis (12. Februar 2015)

Joseph Capuno (University of the Philippines School of Economics - zur Zeit Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies): Yardstick Competition and Redistributive Transfers: The Case of Social Health Insurance Coverage of the Poor under Decentralization in the Philippines (13. Februar 2015)

Nikolas Mittag (CERGE-EI, Prag): Using a Simple Method to Estimate Large Fixed Effects Models to Analyze Matching and Wage Dynamics at Job Transitions (19. Februar 2015)

Florian Baumann (DICE): We Want them all Covered! Collective Bargaining and Firm Heterogeneity. Theory and Evidence from Germany (10. März 2015)

Martin Karlsson (University of Duisburg-Essen): Thema wird noch bekannt gegeben (13. März 2015)

Ingo Isphording (IZA): Big Fishes in Small Ponds: Ability Rank and Human Capital Investment (16. März 2015)

Mark Piopiunik (Ifo-Institut): Weak Markets, Strong Teachers: Recession at Career Start and Teacher Effectiveness (17. März 2015)

Timo Kuosmanen (Aalto University, Helsinki): A Brief Introduction into Production and Efficiency Analysis and an Example: The Finnish Energy Regulation (25. März 2015)

Daniel Baumgarten (LMU München): Temporary Agency Work and the Great Recession (7. Mai 2015)

Arne Gieseck (EZB): Forecasting at the ECB (19. Juni 2015)

Ira Gang (Economic Department, Rutgers School of Arts and Science): Titel wird noch bekannt gegeben (25. Juni 2015)

Hendrik Jürges (BU Wuppertal): Political Conflict, Child Mental Health, and Cognitive Development (30. Juni 2015)

Christina Gathmann (Universität Heidelberg): Access to Citizenship and the Social Integration of Immigrants (23. Oktober 2015)

Klaus Nowotny (Universität Salzburg, Österreich): Are Overqualified Migrants Self-selected? Evidence from CEE Countries (30. Oktober 2015)

Kenneth Sorensen (Universität Aarhus, Dänemark): Heterogeneous Effects on Earnings from an Early Effort in Labor Market Programs (2. November 2015)

Colin Green (Lancaster University): Female Directors, Key Committees, and Firm Performance (26. November 2015)

Kerstin Schneider (Bergische Universität Wuppertal): Quiet please! Adverse Effects of Noise on Child Development (7. Dezember 2015)

Bastien Chabé-Ferret (Université catholique de Louvain, Belgien): Baby Boom or Baby Bust: The Great Depression, Uncertainty and Fertility (18. Dezember 2015)


Dr. Alfredo Paloyo (University of Wollongong):  Effects of the "Blitzer-Marathon" NRW: Synthetic Control Method Approach (10. Januar 2014)

Prof. Andries de Grip (Maastricht University): Retirement and Cognitive Development in the Netherlands: Are the Retired Really Inactive? (24. Januar 2014)

Dr. Astrid Kunze (Norwegian School of Economics): Are All of the Good Men Fathers? The Effect of Having Children on Earnings (27. Januar 2014)

Pilar Garcia-Gomez (Erasmus School of Economics, Rotterdam): Early Life Circumstances and Earnings Over the Life-Cycle (24. Februar 2014)

Ansgar Wübker (Universität Witten-Herdecke): Invited, Informed and Fully Covered: Quasi-Experimental Evidence on the Effects of Local Breast Cancer Screening Policies (21. März 2014)

Prof. Bernd Fitzenberger (Universität Freiburg): The Award of a Training Voucher: Employment and Earnings Effects (3. April 2014)

Paul Elhorst (University of Groningen): Competition in Research Activity among Economic Departments: Evidence by Negative Spatial Autocorrelation (7. April 2014)

Frank Goetzke (University of Louisville): Testing for Spatial Equilibrium Using Happiness Data (7. April 2014)

Gerhard Glomm (University of Indiana): Fiscal Austerity Measures: Spending Cuts vs. Tax Increases (25. April 2014)

Timo Baas (Universität Duisburg-Essen): The Impact of Labour Market Reforms on Trading Partners (8. Mai 2014)

Christoph Schwierz (EcoFin): Erfahrungen der Europäischen Kommission mit Anpassungsprogrammen der EU-Krisenstaaten (13. Mai 2014)

Steven Stillman (University of Otago): The Effect of Social Networks on Economic Outcomes: Evidence from Maori Ties to their Rohe (26. Mai 2014)

Raymond Montizaan (Maastricht University): Training Policies and Retirement Expectations (30. Juni 2014)

Martin Siegel (TU Berlin): Developing an Index of Potential Accessibility to Health Care Services at a Small Area Level in Germany” (28. August 2014)

Deborah Cobb-Clark (University of Melbourne): Locus of Control and Savings (5. September 2014)

Pia Pinger (Universität Bonn): Intergenerational Effects of Economic Distress: Paternal Unemployment and Child Secondary Schooling Decisions (15. September 2014)

Subhrendu K. Pattanayak (Duke Sanford School of Public Policy): Cooking Up Change in the Himalayas: Evidence From Mixing Quasi-Experiments with an Experiment on Cookstove Promotion (23. September 2014)

Nadine Riedel (Ruhr-Universität Bochum): Large and Influential: Firm Size and Governments’ Corporate Tax Rate Choice (30. September 2014)

Matthias Hertweck (Universität Konstanz): The Aggregate Effects of the Hartz Reforms in Germany (24. Oktober 2014)

Joscha Beckmann (Universität Duisburg-Essen): Recent Results from Exchange Rate Forecasting (27. Oktober 2014)

Alfredo R. Paloyo (University of Wollongong): The Forgotten Evaluation Tool: An Encouragement Design Experiment on Supplemental Instruction (10. November 2014)

Colin Green (Lancaster University): Traffic Accidents and the London Congestion Charge (11. November 2014)

Sebastian Petrick (IfW Kiel): The Impact of Carbon Trading on Industry: Evidence from German Manufacturing Firms (3. Dezember 2014)

Vincent Pohl (Queens University): Reinvestigating How Welfare Reform Influences Labor Supply: A Multiple Testing Approach (16. Dezember 2014)


Daniel Schnitzlein (DIW): Like Brother, Like Sister – The Importance of Family Background for Cognitive and Noncognitive Skills (17. Januar 2013)

Josef Montag (Masaryk University): An Analysis of Gender Gap Using Sexual Orientation (25. Januar 2013)

Silke Anger (DIW): Stop Smoking, Your Paycheck Will Thank You! Wage Effects from Smoking Cessation (28. Januar 2013)

Andreas Knabe (Universität Magdeburg): Spillover Effects of Minimum Wages – Theory and Experimental Evidence (18. Februar 2013)

Axel Werwatz (TU Berlin): Location, Location, location: Extracting Location Value from House Prices (22. Februar 2013)

Maksym Obrizan (Kyiv School of Economics, z.Zt. Universität Duisburg-Essen): Health Expenditures and Life Expectancy Around the World: A Quantile Regression Approach (18. März 2013

Harald Hau (University of Geneva): Bank Ratings: What Determines their Quality? (25. März 2013)

Jan Rouwendal (University Amsterdam): Diverging House Prices (22. April 2013)

Jens Südekum (Universität Duisburg-Essen): Profiles of Local Growth and Industrial Change: Facts and an Explanation (17. Mai 2013)

Bernd Fitzenberger (Universität Freiburg): Benchmarking Regions: Estimating the Counterfactual Distribution of Labor Market Outcomes (8. Juli 2013)

Nathan Fiala (DIW): Credit Constraints, Occupational Choice, and the Process of Development: Long Run Evidence from Cash Transfers in Uganda (29. Juli 2013)

Dr. Sebastian Braun (IfW Kiel): Immigration and Structural Change: Evidence from Post-War Germany (18. Oktober 2013)

Prof. Øivind Anti Nilsen (Norwegian School of Economics): Assessing the Intergenerational Correlation in Disability Pension Recipiency (4. November 2013)

Prof. Andrea Weber (Universität Mannheim): Co-workers, Networks, and Job Search Outcomes (11. November 2013)

Dr. Boris Hirsch (Universität Nürnberg-Erlangen): The Cyclical Behaviour of Employers' Monopsony Power and Workers' Wages (12. November 2013)

Dr. Michael Boehm (LSE/IZA): Jobs, Houses, and Concentration? Evidence About the Locational Effects of Commuting Costs (15. November 2013)

Dr. Arne Uhlendorff (Universität Mannheim): The Role of Sickness in the Evaluation of Job Search Assistance and Sanctions (18. November 2013)

Dr. Daniel Avdic (Forschungsgruppenleiter am CINCH): Learning-by-doing in a High-skill Profession When Stakes Are High: Evidence from Advanced Cancer Surgery (13. Dezember 2013)


Marie Paul (Mercator School of Management): The Heterogeneous Effects of Training Incidence and Duration on Labor Market Transitions (12. März 2012)

Christian Bredemeier (TU Dortmund): Minimum Wages and Female Labor Supply in Germany (10. Mai 2012)

Michael Frank (eon-Kraftwerksleiter Kraftwerk Scholven): Konventionelle Erzeugung und schönes Wetter - wie verträgt sich das? (14. Mai 2012)

Tobias Kretschmer (LMU München): Pre-Entry Experience and Post-Entry Performance in The Global Mobile Telecoms Industry (4. Juni 2012)

Colin Green (Lancaster University): Play Hard, Shirk Hard? The Effect of Bar Hours Regulation on Absence (9. Juli 2012)

Giorgio Brunello (University of Padua): Books Are Forever: Early Life Conditions, Education and Lifetime Income (3. September 2012)

Thomas Siedler (Universität Hamburg): The Economics of Information: Job Information Centers and Labor Market Outcomes (13. September 2012)

Thomas Schlösser (Universität zu Köln): Why Do People Trust? Ruling out some Rational Accounts of Interpersonal Trust (19. September 2012)

Martin Karlsson (Universität Duisburg-Essen): Short- and Long-term Effects of Free Maternal Care – Evidence from a Natural Experiment (29. Oktober 2012)

Elke Jahn (IAB): Is There Monopsonistic Discrimination Against Immigrants? First Evidence from Linked Employer–employee Data (14. November 2012)

Juliane Köberlein-Neu (Bergisches Kompetenzzentrum für Gesundheitsmanagement und Public Health): The Impact of Prospective Financing Tools for Hospitals on Inpatient Care of Vulnerable Patient Groups in Europe (7. Dezember 2012)


Mathias Trabandt (EZB): Involuntary Unemployment and the Business Cycle (28. Februar 2011)

Bernd Wilfling (Universität Münster): Short-selling Constraints and Stock-return Volatility: Empirical Evidence from the German Stock Market (3. März 2011)

Tobias Hackmann (Forschungszentrum Generationenverträge Universität Freiburg): LOS(T) in Long-Term Care: Empirical Evidence from German Data 2000-2009 (3. Mai 2011)

Peter J. Kuhn (University of California): Gender Discrimination in Job Ads: Theory and Evidence (9. Mai 2011)

Andrew Clark (Paris School of Economics): Winning Big but Feeling No Better? The Effect of Lottery Prizes on Physical and Mental Health (12. Mai 2011)

Kornelius Kraft (TU Dortmund): Die Auswirkungen von Betriebsräten auf das Beschäftigungswachstum (23. Mai 2011)

Hendrik Jürges (Universität Wuppertal): Education and Health: What is the Evidence and What More Do We Need to Know? (30. Mai 2011)

Jan-Christoph Rülke (WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management): Do Private Sector Forecasters Herd from the German Council of Economic Experts? (9. Juni 2011)

Stefan Boeters (CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis): Optimal Tax Progressivity in Unionised Labour Markets – Simulation Results for Germany (18. August 2011)

Jörg Spenkuch (University of Chicago): Racial Discrimination and Job Finding (24. Oktober 2011)

Michael Grimm (ISS Rotterdam): Investment Decisions of Small Entrepreneurs in a Context of Strong Sharing Norms (14. November 2011)

Andreas Schmid (Universität Bayreuth): Consolidation and Concentration in the German Hospital Market (13. Dezember 2011)


Michael Roos (Ruhr-Universität Bochum): Caught in the past: The role of historical data in expectation formation (17. Februar 2010)

Daniel Hamermesh (University of Texas): Strike Three: Discrimination, Incentives and Evaluation (11. März 2010)

Martin Werding (Ruhr-Universität Bochum): How do migrants choose their destination country? An analysis of Institutional Determinants (18. März 2010)

Malte Hübner (Sachverständigenrat): Welfare Competition in Germany: Decentralization, the Intensity of Competition and some evidence for the factor flow theory (15. April 2010)

Thomas Zwick (Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München): Which personnel measures are effective in increasing the productivity of older employees? (19. April 2010)

Ronald Schettkat (Universität Wuppertal): Gedöns und andere wichtige Sachen von der sozialen Revolution (29. April 2010)

Ben Kriechel (University of Maastricht): On the reform of a firm's hierarchical workplace (3. Mai 2010)

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Hans Georg Nehen (Universität Duisburg-Essen): Probleme der Gerontologie/der Geriatrie (11. Oktober 2010)

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Liana Jacobi (University of Melbourne): Climbing the Drug Staircase: A Bayesian Analysis of the Initiation of Hard Drug Use (18. Dezember 2008)


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