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SVR-Integrationsbarometer 2016

The Expert Council of the German Foundations on Integration and Migration conducted a representative poll of citizens for their annual report in 2016: The Integration Barometer. It entails questions about what it means to “belong” to Germany. Between March and August, 5 396 individuals have been interviewed nationwide, which of them 1 333 do not and 4 063 do have a migration background. The Integration Barometer assesses the mood towards integration in the Einwanderungsgesellschaft and records public opinions and expectations of integration and migration as well as integration and migration politics.

DOI: 10.7807/SVR_INT.v1

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Sachverständigenrat deutscher Stiftungen für Integration und Migration (2016). Integrationsbarometer 2016. Methodenbericht. Abrufbar unter (zuletzt geprüft am 20.11.2018)

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