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RWI-MinijobsNRW: Employer and Employee Survey

Marginal employment, so called “Minijobs”, are an important part of the working population in Germany. In order to gain detailed information on different aspects of marginal employment, two surveys were conducted in 2012 and 2016. One covers employees and the over one employers offering marginal employment. The employee survey sheds light on the characteristics of marginally employed individuals, their working conditions and their motives to take up marginal employment. The employer survey investigates the motives that employers have for offering marginal employment and provides evidence on the concession of workers’ rights. In addition, the 2012 survey focuses on the introduction of the statutory minimum wage.






You will find further information about the data through its DOI or in the data description

Hörnig, L. und S. Schaffner (2020), FDZ Data description: „Survey on marginally employed workers and their employers (MinijobsNRW)“. RWI Projektberichte. download

Schaffner, S. und B. Treude (2014), Minijobs in NRW - Datenbeschreibung der Arbeitnehmer- und Arbeitgeberbefragung. RWI Materialien 76. Essen: RWI. download

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