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Driving times – District level 2016

Driving time between all districts (Kreise) in Germany. The driving time is calculated between the population weighted centers in each district in 2016. The weighted centers are based on RWI-GEO-GRID data. The driving time is taken from OpenStreetMap.

The data are available as Public Use File without any fee. We recommend to cite the data properly when using. If you want to get the data please send an email with your name (and institution) at . You can find further information in the DOI:

DOI: 10.7807/drivetime:2018:v1

If you are interested in more recent driving times or other (administrative) borders (municipalities, zip codes, grids) please get in contact with us: . We are happy to make an offer.

DOI: 10.7807/drivetime:2018:v1

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