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DIW-IAB-RWI–Neighborhoodpanel Labor Market Data

There is very little individual data available for analyses on the neighborhood level. WE try to fill this gap on the zip code level with the DIW-IAB-RWI–Neighborhoodpanel Labor Market Data. This data is based on the Integrated Employment Biographies (IEB) that covers employed due to social security contributions and unemployed.

The data can be merged to other data of the involved research data centers (FDZ Ruhr, FDZ SOEP, FDZ IAB). The data are available as On-Site Use.


You will find further information about the data through its DOI or in the data report:    

Bügelmeyer, E., S. Schaffner, N. Schanne und T. Scholz (2015), Das DIW-IAB-RWI–Nachbarschaftspanel. Ein Scientific-Use-File mit lokalen Aggregatdaten und dessen Verknüpfung mit dem deutschen Sozio-ökonomischen Panel. RWI Materialien 97. Essen: RWI. download

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