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Real Estate Indices

The FDZ Ruhr provides yearly real estate prize indices from 2008 until February 2019. A regional index in relation to the German mean is calculated with real estate data from the listing website ImmobilienScout24, RWI-GEO-RED. On a regional level, the index is based on a hedonic price function, which controls for objects’ specific characteristics. The hedonic price function for houses and apartment purchase as well as rental apartment is estimated separately.

At the moment, the yearly price indices for districts, municipalities (Gemeindeverbände) and labor market areas are available for the years 2008 to February 2019. Moreover, the German time trend and the regional index of the most current full quarter is also available on a quarterly basis.

Real Estate Price Indices (houses for sale) on district level in Germany 2018 in percent as deviation from overall German mean

Real Estate Price Indices (houses for sale) on district level in Germany 2017

The data are available for free. Please send an email at to get the data. You will find further information in the data reports.

Klick, L. und S. Schaffner (2019), FDZ Data description: Regional Real Estate Price Indices for Germany (RWI-GEO-REDX) - Version 2: 2008-02/2019, RWI Projektberichte, Essen. download

DOI: 10.7807/immo:redx:v3

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