Environment and Resources

Project: Independent Evaluation of Development Interventions by GTZ

Project Duration

05/2007 - 04/2008 (finalized)

Commissioned by

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ), Independent Evaluation Unit)

Project Team (RWI)

Dr. Gunther Bensch, Prof. Dr. Jörg Peters (Chief)


Research Center for International Environmental Policy – Tsinghua-Universität, Peking; SEMIS Senegal, Dakar


The independent evaluation unit of GTZ assigned RWI to evaluate three of GTZ’s energy projects in developing and emerging countries. The projects are assessed on the basis of the OECD/DAC-criteria relevance, effectiveness, impact, efficiency and sustainability using qualitative intensive interviews among project staff and partner organisations as well as the target group. Two of the projects were located in China and evaluated in cooperation with Tsinghua-University Beijing. Furthermore, the GTZ intervention in the fields of renewable energy promotion and domestic biomass usage in Senegal was subject to the evaluation.

Selected project related publications

Monographs (Author)


Peters, J. and M. Gueye (2008), Evaluierung laufender Vorhaben 2007: Programm zur Förderung der ländlichen Elektrifizierung und der nachhaltigen Bereitstellung von Haushaltsbrennstoffen (PERACOD), Senegal. Eschborn: GTZ. download