Enterprises and Innovation

Mission Statement

This research division explores two fields: (i) firm dynamics and small and medium-sized enterprises and (ii) innovation policy, R&D. Research topics which are challenging from a methodological point of view and aim at combining institutional and methodological competence in respect to chosen research topics are selected.

Within the first field of research esp. micro-econometric analyses of enterprise behavior and firm demography are performed based on a pool of interconnected relational enterprise and R&D databases. Furthermore, the structure of craft and SME dominated sectors are analysed. This research topic distinguishes the RWI from many other research institutions in Germany. Though this research is more of a qualitative type, it is as well inspired by the approaches and research questions of modern industrial economics.

In the second field of research firstly the evolution of new technologies, innovation systems and corporate R&D strategies are investigated. Secondly, prominent technology programs of the German Federal Government are evaluated.

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Deputy Division Chief

Michael Rothgang

Dr. Michael Rothgang

Phone: +49 (201) 8149-248