Project: Effekte von grenzüberschreitenden Fusionen und Übernahmen auf Produktivität und Innovation – Eine empirische Analyse für europäische Unternehmen

Project Duration

03/2010 - 03/2011 (finalized)

Commissioned by

Fritz Thyssen Stiftung

Project Team (RWI)

Dr. Joel Stiebale (Chief), Dr. Matthias Peistrup


The purpose of this project is: (i) to analyze the effects of cross-border mergers and acquisitions (M&A) on productivity of acquiring and target firms; (ii) to investigate how acquisitions affect the regional and global success of innovation activities; (iii) to examine in which way cross-border M&A affect productivity growth and incentives to innovate in non-merging firms in the same market and in related industries; and (iv) to compare these effects to those of Greenfield foreign direct investment and domestic M&As. The empirical analysis is based on microeconometric methods applied to a European firm-level data set. The data include information on balance sheet items, profit and loss accounts, and innovation activities.