Unternehmen und Innovation

Enterprises and Innovation

Research Focus

Firm Dynamics, Crafts, and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Micro-econometric analyses in this research focus are inspired by the theoretical approaches of industrial economics theory (theory-driven research) and, at the same time, oriented towards policy issues. Owing to the pool of micro-data that have been assembled, micro-econometric estimation procedures can be applied to large sets of company panel data. Databasis are balance sheet data from AMADEUS and DAFNE as well as EPO’s PATSTAT. While the latter database allows to analyse patent activities, the first two provide key financial indicators on European companies as well as on ownership structure and information about corporate networks.

In particular, research aims to better analyse research questions by linking these databases. Topics such as “Internationalisation and Corporate Heterogeneity”, “Investment, Financing and Private Equity”, and “Vertical Integration, Mergers, Takeovers and Competition” are to be examined in the coming years. The main concern in research on Crafts and SMEs is to make innovative contributions to this rather traditional field. In the research on policy-relevant issues, a solid theoretical foundation and modern methods in a convincing manner are combined. Two major projects are a cross-industry comparative analysis of the development of “crafts markets” as well as an analysis of the effects of electronic networking of SMEs on markets and competition.

Promotion of the Economy, Research and Development

Education, research and innovation are – not only in Germany – priority items on the political agenda which are funded with considerable financial means. The complexity of the problems in this field of research poses a great challenge for studies in innovation economics. Research can give only preliminary answers to many questions in innovation policy, even though considerable progress has been made in the past decades. The research division places emphasis on performing innovative approaches in this field. The research topic on R&D, evolution of new technologies, and innovation systems combines a primarily micro-economic viewpoint with a systematic analysis of the evolution of new fields of technology. The emergence of new or technologically-renewed industries and the development of markets in high-technology are analysed. Selected research topics include “Corporate Research Strategies and Patent Behavior”, “Technological Development and Evolution of New Markets” as well as “Technology Clusters and Innovation Systems”.

With respect to the evaluation of outstanding federal technology programs, RWI was successful in winning the tenders for the evaluation of two important technology programs of the federal government: (i) “On-going Evaluation of the Industrial Collective Research Program in Germany” and “On-going Evaluation of the BMBF’s ‘Excellence Cluster Contest’”. The main challenge in these projects is to apply advanced methodology to the evaluation of complex technology programs.

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