RWI Team

Presentations Dr. Hanna Frings

Other Presentations 2019

Monopsonistic competition, low-wage labour markets, and minimum wages - An empirical analysis, Essen, 05.2019

Other Presentations 2017

High-impact minimum wages and heterogeneous regions, München, 06.2017

High-impact minimum wages and heterogeneous regions, Berlin, 05.2017

Reviewed Presentations 2016

6th Joint IZA/IFAU Conference on Labor Market Policy Evaluation, Bonn, 10.2016

Reviewed Presentations 2015

Workshop: The German Minimum Wage - First Evidence and Experiences from Other Countries, Nürnberg, 10.2015

European Economic Association 2015, Mannheim, 08.2015

European Association of Labour Economists/Society of Labor Economists, Montreal, 06.2015

Other Presentations 2015

Potenzielle Beschäftigungseffekte des Mindestlohns unter Beachtung der existierenden empirischen Evidenz, Düsseldorf, 03.2015

Reviewed Presentations 2014

Verein für Socialpolitik 2014, Hamburg, 09.2014

Reviewed Presentations 2013

European Association of Labour Economists 2013, Turin, 09.2013

Verein für Socialpolitik 2013, Düsseldorf, 09.2013

Spring Meeting of Young Economists, Aarhus, 05.2013

5th International Doctoral Meeting of Montpellier in Economics, Management and Finance, Montpellier, 05.2013

Other Presentations 2013

Minimum Wages and Employment: A spatial identification strategy for Germany, Bochum, 10.2013

Reviewed Presentations 2011

European Economic Association 2011, Oslo, 08.2011

Scottish Economic Society 2011, Perth, 04.2011

Reviewed Presentations 2010

Verein für Socialpolitik 2010, Kiel, 09.2010

European Society for Population Economics 2010, Essen, 06.2010

Spring Meeting of Young Economists 2010, Luxemburg, 04.2010

Scottish Economic Society 2010, Perth, UK, 04.2010

Royal Economic Society 2010, Surrey, UK, 03.2010