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CV Dr. Nils aus dem Moore


since 2019

RWI, Head, Berlin Office

2015 - 2019

RWI, Deputy Head, Berlin Office

since 2014

RWI, Head, Research Group “Sustainability and Governance”

2013 - 2018

RWI, Head of Communications

since 2013

Researcher, research departments “Macroeconomics and Public Finance” and “Environment and Resources”

since 2012

RWI, Head of staff division “Policy & Communication”; Researcher, research departments “Macroeconomics and Public Finance” and “Environment and Resources”

since 2011

RWI, Head of staff division “Policy & Communication”
Researcher, Public Finance department

2007 - 2011

Consultant for economic policy communication
Researcher, Public Finance Department

Columnist and Op-Ed contributor on economic policy for various magazines and newspapers in Germany (inter alia Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Financial Times Deutschland, die tageszeitung), monthly column in Cicero magazine (03/2010-01/2011)

2005 - 2007

Executive Editor for Business and Economics, Cicero, German monthly political magazine


Cicero, German monthly political magazine, Online Editor


Le Figaro, French national daily newspaper, Paris, Intern

2000 - 2001

Die Welt, German national daily newspaper, Trainee


2007 - 2013

Dissertation „Myths and Measurement – Four Empirical Essays on Firm-level Effects of Corporate Income Taxation“, defended in February 2014 (“summa cum laude”),
Advisor: Prof. Dr. Christoph M. Schmidt

1998 - 2006

Diplom-Volkswirt (M.Sc. in Economics), Technische Universität Dortmund, Freie Universität Berlin
Diploma thesis: “Stability policy in EMU” Advisor: Prof. Dr. Henrik Enderlein

1998 - 2005

Diplom-Journalist (M.A. in Journalism), Technische Universität Dortmund, Haute École Galilée Bruxelles
Diploma thesis: “Theory and Practice of International Newspaper Alliances”
Advisor: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Heinrich

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