Corona pandemic: Statistical concepts and their limits

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Unstatistics of March 31, 2020

Every month, psychologist Gerd Gigerenzer, statistician Walter Krämer, data analyst Katharina Schüller and econometrician Thomas K. Bauer question recently published figures and their interpretations. This press release has also been co-authored by Christoph M. Schmidt, president of RWI – Leibniz Institute for Economic Research.

Several media have reported on the Corona Unstatistics, including an op-ed essay published by Zeit Online.

Corona-Pandemie: Statistische Konzepte und ihre Grenzen (German) Corona pandemic: Statistical concepts and their limits (English) Pandémie due au Coronavirus: Les concepts statistiques et leurs limites (French) Pandemia de la corona: Conceptos estadísticos y sus límites (Spanish) Pandemia di coronavirus: concetti statistici e relativi limiti (Italian) Corona-pandemie: Statistische concepten en hun beperkingen (Dutch) Pandemia do coronavírus: Conceitos estatísticos e os seus limites (Portugese) Pandemia koronawirusa - oncepcje statystyczne i ich ograniczenia (Polish) Pandemija korona – statisticki koncepti i njihova ogranicenja (Serbian)