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10 December 2009

RWI Slightly Increases GDP Forecasts for 2010

The RWI has increased its September forecast for the growth of real gross domestic product (GDP) in 2010 by 0.4% to a total of 1.6%. The increase results mainly from the low statistical level going into the year; recovery otherwise continues to be seen as moderate. Consumer demand is expected to stagnate while company investments are expected to increase slightly. Expansion will be driven by ...

15 October 2009

Joint Economic Forecast: Hesitant Recovery- Growing Government Indebtedness

In autumn 2009 the low point of the worst economic recession since the Second World War seems to be behind us. There are many indicators for a recovery of economic activity. The situation on the world financial markets has improved considerably, confidence indicators are pointed upwards, new orders received have increased and rises in production are widespread. World trade, which ...

15 September 2009

Konjunktur auf dem Wege der Besserung

Die deutsche Konjunktur belebt sich nur langsam. Das RWI prognostiziert einen Rückgang des realen Bruttoinlandsprodukts (BIP) von 5,0% für 2009 und erhöht damit seine Prognose vom Juni 2009 um 1,4 Prozentpunkte. Für 2010 erwartet das RWI ein BIP-Wachstum von 1,2%. Zudem rechnet das Institut für den Prognosezeitraum mit ...

15 July 2009

Shortage in Nursing Care Due to High Minimum Wage

A higher minimum wage for nursing assistants could result in a shortage of nursing care for 260,000 patients (about 16% of total numbers) by 2020, as cases of insolvency increase and a portion of the private equity is withdrawn from Germany's nursing care market. That has been revealed by a special analysis of the data in the "Pflegeheim Rating Report 2009" ("Nursing Home Rating Report 2009") by RWI, ADMED GmbH and HCB GmbH. The analysis shows that ...

29 June 2009

Nursing Homes - Good Prospects Despite Temporary Excess Capacities

Costly nursing homes are not the best ones and there are great price differences among regions. Numbers of nursing patients will continue to rise, resulting in increased demand for professionals. Those are some of the conclusions from the "Pflegeheim Rating Report 2009 - Konsolidierung voraus!" ("Nursing Home Rating Report 2009 - Progress in Consolidation") by RWI, ADMED GmbH and HCB GmbH. The report also indicates that the economic situation of nursing homes is likely to remain stable in the long term, even though excess capacities still currently exist. One threat is seen in plans to ...

23 June 2009

RWI Cautiously Optimistic for 2010 Despite Lowered GDP Forecast

The RWI lowered its economic growth forecasts for 2009 and 2010 to -6.4% and 0.2% respectively, meaning a sharp downward revision compared to its March forecast. Nevertheless, the institute sees signs that the downward trend has decelerated and the bottom should be reached shortly. Foreign trade should once again ...

03 June 2009

Auch 2008: modern, kompetent, erfolgreich Die Arbeiten des RWI im Jahr 2008 sowie Personalia

Am 2. Juni 2009 fanden die Mitgliederversammlung und die Sitzung des Verwaltungsrats des RWI statt. Auf der Tagesordnung standen unter anderem ein Rückblick auf die Beratungs- und Forschungstätigkeit im Jahr 2008, personelle Veränderungen und Bauvorhaben. ...

29 April 2009

Presseerklärung der Projektgruppe Gemeinschaftsdiagnose

Bei der Vorstellung der Frühjahrsprojektion der Bundesregierung am 29. April 2009 deutete Bundeswirtschaftsminister zu Guttenberg an, den an der Gemeinschaftsdiagnose beteiligten Instituten sei bei der Prognose der Lohnentwicklung möglicherweise ein "Rechenfehler" unterlaufen. Dazu stellen die Institute fest: ...

23 April 2009

Joint Economic Forecast: In the Maelstrom of World Recession

In spring 2009 the world economy is in the deepest recession since the Great Depression. The downturn intensified in the autumn fall into an utter collapse that rapidly affected almost all countries of the world. Extensive governmental programmes for the support of the financial sector and for reviving the economy have not been able to restore confidence in future economic developments. Indications of a cooling of world economic activity were already evident in 2007. At the beginning of last year, the economic weakening was still largely limited to the US. Thereafter, the downturn began also in the other industrialised countries. The dramatic sharpening of the situation on the financial markets in September 2008 that culminated in the bankruptcy of the investment bank Lehman Brothers touched off a drastic downturn in output that also affected ...

22 April 2009

Hospital Rating Report 2009: German Clinics in the Eye of the Economic Storm

In addition to the economic situation of German hospitals, the fifth edition of the ¿Krankenhaus Rating Report¿ (Hospital Rating Report) investigated the effects of the financial crisis and the second stimulus package (Konjunkturpaket II) on clinics. On the average, the risk of insolvency had decreased slightly for these institutions in recent years up to 2007. Yet the risk probably rose sharply in 2008, only to drop back to the previously low level in the current year as a result of significantly higher revenues. That indicator is expected to worsen again in 2010 due to the impact of the financial crisis. The investment gap, ...

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