Ruhr Economic Papers

Ruhr Economic Papers #67

WeLL - Unique Linked Employer-Employee Data on Further Training in Germany

by Stefan Bender, Michael Fertig, Katja Görlitz, Martina Huber and Alexandra Schmucker

RWI, 09/2008, 10 S./p., 8 Euro, ISBN 978-3-86788-072-5



This paper explains the main features of an innovative linked employer-employee data set with a particular focus on continuous training in Germany, called WeLL. The data set comprises establishment data that can be linked to longitudinal information on the associated employees. The employer survey and the first wave of the employee survey were conducted in 2007. Both surveys focus on the collection of training information together with a variety of employee and employer background characteristics. In addition, it is possible to link these data with other survey and administrative data for a large number of respondents.

Keywords: Employee training; establishment data; linked employer-employee data

Published as:

Bender, S., M. Fertig, K. Görlitz, M. Huber and A. Schmucker (2009), WeLL – Unique Linked Employer-Employee Data on Further Training in Germany. Schmollers Jahrbuch – Journal of Applied Social Science Studies 129 (4): 637-643. DOI: 10.3790/schm.129.4.637