RWI Materialien

RWI Materialien 57

On-Grid Rural Electrification in Benin – A Socio-economic Baseline Study on a GTZ Project

by Marek Harsdorff and Jörg Peters

RWI, 04/2010, 64 S./p., 15 Euro, ISBN 978-3-86788-201-9



The present study analyses the socio-economic impacts of an electrification measure conducted by the Dutch-German Energy Partnership Energising Development in Benin. First impressions on impacts of electrification measures could be obtained based on surveys of about 290 households, 60 small enterprises and 60 social infrastructure facilities prior to the intervention, as well as a total of 120 interviews in already electrified villages. The latter are located in immediate vicinity to the project region serving as a comparison group. A comprehensive description of the socio-economic conditions in the project villages with a specific focus on energy-related aspects gives an account of the status quo before electrification as part of the project monitoring and sheds light on energy usage in non-electrified villages in the survey region.