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RWI Materialien 60

Socio-economic Impacts of Rural Electrification in Rwanda – An Ex-ante Assessment of GTZ Activities

by Gunther Bensch and Jörg Peters

RWI, 08/2010, 162 S./p., 20 Euro, ISBN 978-3-86788-223-1



This baseline study portrays the electrification measure “PSP Hydro” that is implemented by the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) in Rwanda and comprehensively describes the socio-economic conditions in the project region before the intervention. The collected data serves for the purpose of a future ex post impact assessment of this intervention that is aimed at the participation of the private sector in small hydropower power for rural development and that is conducted under the umbrella of the Dutch-German Energy Partnership Energising Development (EnDev). Households from already electrified control villages that were carefully selected by means of comparison criteria supplement the baseline approach to enable a cross-sectional comparison that facilitates an impact assessment even before project implementation. Due to the importance that EnDev attaches to the identification of the number of direct project beneficiaries, the report in particular analyzes the prospective number of people that will be provided with access to modern energy as a result of the project. For this reason calculation formulae were advanced that also cover the electrification of small enterprises and social facilities.