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RWI Materialien 61

WeLL – Berufliche Weiterbildung als Bestandteil Lebenslangen Lernens – Bisherige Arbeiten und Perspektiven

by Stefan Bender, Michael Fertig, Katja Görlitz, Martina Huber, Stefan Hummelsheim, Petra Knerr, Alexandra Schmucker and Helmut Schröder

RWI, 08/2010, 20 S./p., 6 Euro, ISBN 978-3-86788-226-2



The report summarizes the main activities within the framework of the project WeLL (“Further Training as a Part of Lifelong Learning”) which was started in January 2007 and finished in December 2009. In particular, the conducted data sets are presented as well as possibilities for data access for external researchers. Furthermore, publications of project members will be described and perspectives for future research and activities are given.