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RWI Materialien 72

Bedeutung der Krankenhäuser in privater Trägerschaft – 2012

by Boris Augurzky, Andreas Beivers and Rosemarie Gülker

06/2012, 59 S./p., 8 Euro, ISBN 978-3-86788-382-5



Privatisation of hospitals, i.e. a change in their type of ownership from the municipal and private-non-profit type to the private profit-oriented type, has been the subject of heated debate ever since this development began back in the early 1990s. To objectivise this debate, the Fact Book “Bedeutung der Krankenhäuser in privater Trägerschaft”) was prepared in 2009 using data from 2006. The aim was to provide a scientific assessment of hospital privatisation in Germany by presenting and evaluating relevant key ratios relating to the hospital market, differentiated by type of ownership.

The present, updated Fact Book aims i) to put the analyses already conducted using data from 2006 on the current 2009 data basis, ii) to throw light on additional issues, and iii) to limit the sampling to only those hospitals with a care mandate. Thus, university hospitals are not included because in addition to care delivery they also conduct research and teaching, with the result that their key ratios are not directly comparable with those of non-university hospitals. Likewise, purely psychiatric or psychotherapeutic as well as purely day-care and night-care clinics are kept out of the analysis. The Study thus confi nes itself to the empirically observable infl uencing factors of hospital privatisation. Naturally, this can only include some of all conceivable influencing factors.