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RWI Positionen 73

Strukturanpassungen im Krankenhausbereich: Notwendige Veränderungen bei der Fusionskontrolle

by Boris Augurzky and Thomas Jendges

04/2019, 8 S./p., 8 Euro



The desired concentration in the German hospital sector is accompanied by mergers and closures of hospitals. Data on hospital density and the accessibility of emergency centres show that there is still room for improvement. To this end, however, German competition law (Gesetz gegen Wettbewerbsbeschränkungen) and its interpretation by the German federal cartel authority must be adapted. When examining planned mergers, the decision should not be based on market shares derived from historic patient mobility. Rather, it should be based on whether an alternative hos-pital with basic care is available for most residents within a 30-minute drive.