RWI Positionen

RWI Positionen 75

Evidenz zur Wirkung ausgewählter Klimaschutzmaßnahmen

by Mark A. Andor and Andreas Gerster

06/2019, 11 S./p., 8 Euro



German climate policy has been a topic of heated debate. In addition to the currently
broadly discussed introduction of a uniform CO2 tax there are also a number of
other measures worth considering in detail. The RWI has evaluated the effectiveness
and efficiency of various climate policy instruments summarized in this RWI Position.
The results show, for example, that making disclosure of information on energy
performance mandatory for house sellers increases transparency in the real
estate market. Furthermore, evaluations of the EU energy label highlight the possibilities
of making households’ consumption decisions more energy-efficient by adding
operating costs to the label. Additional evaluations show that renewables
increase the number of negative price peaks on the power market. Yet, a reform of the
subsidy scheme may prevent this effect. The evaluations also illustrate which policies do
not work: Although social comparison-based home energy reports lead to small energy
savings, they are not cost effective in most industrialized countries and thus not to be
recommended as a policy instrument.